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ClarkDietrich X-CRACK 100' x 4-1/4"

ClarkDietrich X-CRACK 100' x 4-1/4"

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Product Description

Strait-Flex X-Crack eliminates ceiling cracks and straightens uneven framing. X-Crack’s rigid design, hinged backbone, and flexible tab design will straighten all uneven framing members. This pre-straightening of sub-structure will eliminate the need of all pre-filling due to irregularities of framing members. It makes easy work of intricate ceiling applications that have no backing.

Product Information

  • Sold per piece
  • Dimensions: 100' x 4-1/4"
  • Eliminates ceiling cracks and straightens uneven framing.
  • Drywall ceiling areas that use wood roof trusses or conventional wood framing members.
  • Intricate ceiling applications, such as tee-pee ceilings in octagon rooms and butterfly vaults.
  • Areas where framing members are out of alignment.
  • Ceiling areas where drywall is not properly supported.
  • Ceiling areas where movement may occur.
  • Galvanized steel construction for long-life.

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