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ClarkDietrich SA3 SKEWABLE ANGLE 4-7/8" X 3" 3" x 4" x 43mils (18ga) (box of 100)

ClarkDietrich SA3 SKEWABLE ANGLE 4-7/8" X 3" 3" x 4" x 43mils (18ga) (box of 100)

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Product Description

ClarkDietrich Skewable Angles are used to make rigid and off-angle attachments of joist-to- joist, joist-to-hip beam, or joist-to-other-miscellaneous framing. This clip is ideal for making off-angle connections. It is easily field bent from 0° to 135°. Useful in truss fabrication, particularly hip truss roof configurations where there are 45 or 135 degree angles. Please note this angle can only be bent one time. Installation: Use specified fasteners. For off-angle connections, field bend (ONE TIME ONLY ) to the required degree so the Skewable Angle fits securely over the two adjoining members. Secure the Skewable Angle by filling all prepunched screw holes with #10 screws or as required by design. Joist must be constrained against rotation when using a single Skewable Angle per connection.

Product Information

  • Sold as 100 per box
  • Dimensions: 3" x 4" x 43mils (18ga)
  • Ideal for off-angle connections.
  • Bend from 0° to 135° on the jobsite.
  • Useful for joist-to-joist connections, truss fabrication, etc.
  • G90 galvanized coating.

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