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ClarkDietrich PERFECT-90 100' x 2-1/16"

ClarkDietrich PERFECT-90 100' x 2-1/16"

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Product Description

Strait-Flex Perfect-90º™ ensures a clean, sharp corner without the risk of damage from a taping knife. Perfect-90º is twice as fast and twice as strong compared to conventional paper or mesh tapes. No compound is needed over the finished surface. The tape’s outer edge features a diamond-punched pattern for a superior bond and faster drying, with no rippling or blistering.

Product Information

  • Sold per piece
  • Dimensions: 100' x 2-1/16"
  • Memory-free hinge produces straight inside corners and perfect angles.
  • Reinforced paper backing provides strength and rigidity.
  • Spans small gaps in drywall, no back filling needed.
  • Finishing compound is not required over the laminated surface.
  • Pre-treated to accept primer or paint.
  • Paper will not fuzz-up during sanding like paper and mesh tapes.

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