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ClarkDietrich FB43 FASTBRIDGE™ CLIP 1-1/2" Knockout Size x 43mils (18ga) (bucket of 200)

ClarkDietrich FB43 FASTBRIDGE™ CLIP 1-1/2" Knockout Size x 43mils (18ga) (bucket of 200)

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Product Description

FB43 FastBridge Clip is an 18 gauge light duty clip for use with 20-16 gauge structural studs. The FastBridge™ clip is a stiffened, G90 galvanized steel clip that's tested and designed to facilitate the rapid, efficient installation of 1-1/2" U-Channel lateral bracing for exterior curtain wall framing, loadbearing walls or interior partitions constructed of structural or non-structural studs. The wall stud friction fit design allows for as little as one screw for the connection to the U-Channel. U.S. Patent No. D692,746 - Canadian Patent No. 152,547 Installation: U-Channel is inserted into the stud punchout (spacing as specified by design) and rotated into place (leg down). Place the FastBridge™ Clip inside the punchout (stiffened wings down) and twist allowing the friction fit design to hold the clip into place. The clip must be firmly seated over the top web of the U-channel. FastBridge™ clips are fastened using #10 self-drilling screws driven through the clip hole into the U-channel. More than one screw may be need depending on design.

Product Information

  • Sold as 200 per bucket
  • Dimensions: 1-1/2" Knockout Size x 43mils (18ga)
  • Friction fit design reduces hardware.
  • Used to install 1-1/2" U-Channel lateral bracing quickly and effectively.
  • G90 galvanized coating.
  • For use with 20-16 gauge structural studs.

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