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ClarkDietrich DRLC DRIFT RAIL LOCKING CLIP 5.6IN 12G (bucket of 100)

ClarkDietrich DRLC DRIFT RAIL LOCKING CLIP 5.6IN 12G (bucket of 100)

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Product Description

ClarkDietrich Drift Rail and Drift Rail Clip is a uniquely designed universal two-piece system that is used to attach curtain-wall studs to the building structure and allows for vertical and lateral movement or to be rigidly attached. DRLC Drift Locking Clip is an optional C-shaped clip that can restrict drift lateral movement along the drift rail. See DRLA for a L-shaped clip option with the same function. Want to learn more about enabling building movement with drift clips and deflection clips? Check out our blog. Installation: 1- The DRLC sits within the channel of the Drift Clip, and straddles the flanges of the Drift Rail. 2- The two outside legs of the DRLC are secured to each flange of the Drift Rail with a #10 self-drilling screw.

Product Information

  • Sold as 100 per bucket
  • Optional accessory for Drift Rail System.
  • Restricts clip lateral movement.

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