ClarkDietrich D24F DANBACK® WOOD BACKING 5-1/8" x 48" (24" o.c.)

ClarkDietrich D24F DANBACK® WOOD BACKING 5-1/8" x 48" (24" o.c.)

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Product Description

Danback provides superior connection shear and pullout strength to support and meet even some of the heaviest loading conditions. Simply snap, flex and screw Danback into place. The patented hinge design actually flexes around the stud and snaps into place for a perfect fit-every time. Wood Backing is fire retardant, pressure-treated wood that is chemically treated to reduce flamespread and smoke development. Fire retardant wood is Class A fire retardant ; EPA registered, and complies with all national codes including the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). Evaluation Report Service found that the wood backing material complies with requirements for fire retardant treated wood described in the International Building Codes (IBC & IRC). Danback flexible wood backing is available with FSC®-certified lumber and may contribute LEED® points to your project. This backing system is perfect for handrails, baseboards, wood trim, cabinets/vanities, and crown molding. U.S. Patent No. 6,705,056 of Daniel W. Tollenaar Danback® is a trademark of Daniel W. Tollenaar. D-Blaze® is a registered trademark of Viance, LLC. FlamePRO® is a registered trademark of Koppers Performance Chemicals, Inc.

Product Information

  • Sold per piece
  • Dimensions: 5-1/8" x 48" (24" o.c.)
  • Provides extra screw pullout strength for heavy-duty backing applications
  • Available in 48” sections, for either 16“ or 24” on-center framing
  • Meets all specifications for commercial and residential applications

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