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ClarkDietrich CC33 3/4IN CHANNEL CLIP 3/4" x 33mil (20ga) (bucket of 200)

ClarkDietrich CC33 3/4IN CHANNEL CLIP 3/4" x 33mil (20ga) (bucket of 200)

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Product Description

The ClarkDietrich CC33 clip is a stiffened, 33mil (20 gauge), G90 galvanized steel clip used to secure 3/4" U-Channel or Cold Rolled Channel (CRC) to non-structural interior wall framing constructed of ProSTUD® Drywall Framing or non-structural wall studs. The friction fit design reduces hardware, with as little as one screw required for connection to the U-Channel. The CC33 clip should not be used in studs over 6" wide. US Patent No. D822,455 and Canadian Patent No. 175,258 Installation: CC33 clips are fastened using #8 self-drilling screws driven through the clip hole into the U-Channel. More than one screw may be needed depending on design.

Product Information

  • Sold as 200 per bucket
  • Dimensions: 3/4" x 33mil (20ga)
  • Reduced hardware - single screw in some cases.
  • Fast and efficient installation.
  • Friction fit to wall stud.
  • Compatible with ProSTUD® Drywall Framing.
  • Not for use in studs over 6" wide.

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