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ClarkDietrich AB35 .063 ALUMINUM BURN CLIP 3-1/2" . (bucket of 250)

ClarkDietrich AB35 .063 ALUMINUM BURN CLIP 3-1/2" . (bucket of 250)

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Product Description

ClarkDietrich Aluminum Burn Clips make up a key part of the ClarkDietrich H-Stud Area Separation Wall assembly. The clips are used to hold the area separation wall assembly in place at the floor, roof and truss line between adjacent units. These clips melt away when exposed to the excessive heat caused by a fire which allows a fire-damaged unit to collapse. At the same time the burn clips on the non-fire side will remain intact and hold the area separation wall in place as a barrier to continue protecting adjacent units. The fire is effectively contained at the point of origin rather than spreading. One common term for this is "controlled collapse." As an added bonus for building occupants, the H-stud Areas Separation Wall system is at least 50% lighter than masonry walls, quicker to install, has an STC sound rating, and increases valuable floor space compared to 8"–12" wide masonry walls. Installation: 1- Attach an aluminum burn clip to the completed area-separation wall assembly. 2- One clip should be located at each H-stud on both sides of the wall. 3- Attach the aluminum burn clip to the H-stud with a screw. 4- Attach to the adjacent framing with a screw or a nail, as applicable. 5- Confirm that the wall is plumb and then secure the assembly to the adjacent wall using aluminum burn clips on both sides of the wall. Make sure to leave a 3/4" gap between the area separation wall and adjacent wall. Clip spacing is dependent on the height of the wall. Wall assemblies can be stacked to a maximum height of 50' or per the details of the applicable UL assembly.

Product Information

  • Sold as 250 per bucket
  • Dimensions: .
  • Tested and approved with most major gypsum and shaftliner manufacturers.
  • Must be used in conjunction with H-Stud Area Separation Wall Assembly.
  • Prepunched for easy attachment.
  • Thickness: 0.063" Aluminum (0.050" also available).
  • Multiple lengths available.

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